Project Description

Startracks Custom Seat Lift was developed for people who have difficulty ascending or descending steps. Also referred to as Handicap Seat Lift, Chair Lift, or Ambulatory Lift. This handicap technology is primarily developed for recreational vehicles but can include any application that provides the proper installation criteria, which is not demanding. The powerful seat lift can be installed in campers, Class A, B, and C motor homes, fifth-wheel trailers, camper trailers, and van conversions.

Minimal invasive installation means your RV is not damaged due to installation where the narrow lift eliminates the need for widening or modifying the RV entry door. The space required to install the lift is only 2.5 inches of wall space. The lift is powered by a 12-volt motor attached to a powerful lift while all weight-bearing parts are fabricated for strength and durability. The carrier arm/articulating hinge that the seat is attached is controlled by a key fob remote. The RV Seat Lift swings through the door opening into the interior or out of the vehicle. The seat can be easily removed by lifting it off the carrier arm. Then the seat can be stored inside the vehicle or cargo bay. It may remain on the carrier arm if desired. As many have, you can still enjoy all the fun and luxury of traveling in the RV you already own!

Watch the video here: